About Us

The Legal Assistant Society was founded in 2013 by three SAIT legal assistant students: Cyrene Larson, Shannon Hawthorne, and Lauren Bennett. Since then, the club is driven by the promise to provide a welcoming, professional, and dynamic environment for SAIT legal assistant students.

The club’s executive members are committed to creating an opportunity for SAIT legal assistant students to enhance their educational experience, to become more connected to the school and to their classmates, and to stand apart from the competition during the hiring process.

Our purpose is to coordinate events that will benefit club members, to provide vital resources and information relevant to the legal industry, to encourage education and development beyond the classroom, and to support our classmates both during and after our studies.

Members receive the following:

  • Professional development workshops;
  • Volunteer opportunities both on and off campus;
  • Industry and alumni networking opportunities;
  • Information and resources regarding careers in the legal field;
  • Scholarship opportunities;
  • Study resources;
  • Fun social events;
  • Chances to meet new people and make good friends; and
  • Raffles, prizes, and much more.