SAIT LAS Guest Speaker

Hello SAIT Legal Assistant Society members! We’re happy to announce our new guest speaker program this semester, starting February 22 with Laurel Shuttleworth, who is an experienced paralegal from Bishop & McKenzie LLP. She will be discussing the process of transitioning from a legal assistant role to a paralegal role and work as a paralegal.Continue reading “SAIT LAS Guest Speaker”

Advice From Your LAS Executive Team.

Hi future legal assistants! We hope you’re enjoying school so far! We recognize that online school can be stressful and not as motivating to actually attend class as it would be if we actually were in school; to that end, some of your Executive team has come together to provide some advice from their perspective.Continue reading “Advice From Your LAS Executive Team.”

Tips for Success From Second Years

We are lucky to have so much technology available at our fingertips (quite literally) when it comes to learning from home. While it might suck to learn from home, we are lucky that we don’t have to go to school sick! Try to find the positive in all of this. In the meantime, here’s someContinue reading “Tips for Success From Second Years”

How to Adjust to Online Learning.

It’s 3:17 a.m. You’ve been in a restless sleep, unsure of how to tackle your upcoming courses. Your mind spins – how do you do this? You’re coming from high school where your teachers practically handed you your marks, or you’re coming back to school after a hiatus working, and now you’re taking your firstContinue reading “How to Adjust to Online Learning.”

Introduction to the 2020 Team.

Good afternoon future legal assistants, We hope you’re doing well. ‘Who are we,’ you ask? Why, we’re your Legal Assistant Society, and we’d like to introduce ourselves! We’re a SAITSA club dedicated to students of the Legal Assistant program. Our job is to make your time here as welcoming, professional, and dynamic as possible. WeContinue reading “Introduction to the 2020 Team.”

What is a Co-Curricular Record?

You’re probably here because you are interested in being a student tutor and you’re wondering what a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is. Well, without going into too much detail, your CCR is a resume builder. When you volunteer as a student tutor, you are able to make a record of your involvement, and SAIT provides anContinue reading “What is a Co-Curricular Record?”

Succeeding in Your First Year as a LA Student

Hi, and welcome to the Legal Assistant program! Whether you’re a seasoned student or you’re fresh out of high school, you’ll find the LA program challenging, rewarding, and fun. While you start prepping for the year ahead, I’ve put together a few tips and some advice to help ease the way into the new schoolContinue reading “Succeeding in Your First Year as a LA Student”